Upcoming Events

ABGESAGT: BASS w/ Technical ItchMay 31, 2024

Past Events

VIP B-Day Session w/ London Elektricity17.05.24
BASS w/ Bryan Gee15.03.24
BASS - Nicky Blackmarket13.01.24
Living Room Session: Adam F, MC Darrison & Kirsty Hawkshaw29.12.23
Eastside Drum'n'Bass14.10.23
VIP Session w/ Technimatic & John B06.10.23
Eastside Drum and Bass III10.06.23
VIP Session: S.P.Y09.06.23
BASS w/ Voltage03.06.23
Therapy Sessions Switzerland Part 2903.03.23
LTJ Bukem at Living Room Session25.02.23
VIP Session: Friction & MC Linguistics10.02.23
Eastside Drum and bass27.12.22
VIP Session: Ed Rush17.12.22
BASS w/ DJ Hype10.12.22
Therapy Sessions Switzerland Part 2805.11.22
Etherwood at Living Room Session28.10.22
VIP Session: Calyx & Teebee15.10.22
JUR Summer Closing24.09.22
Therapy Sessions Switzerland Part 2721.05.22
VIP Session: Makoto & Seba14.05.22
Loxy at Living Room Session15.04.22
Foreign Concept at Living Room Session26.02.22
VIP Session: Goldie12.02.22
VIP Session: Ed Rush02.10.21
Technimatic at Living Room Session Kiff Aarau18.09.21
Therapy Sessions Switzerland Part 2619.09.20
VIP Session Deluxe: Bryan Gee12.09.20
Social Tischdancing: JUR-Records DJ-Battle11.05.20
VIP Session Deluxe: LTJ Bukem & Anile06.03.20
Living Room Session: Etherwood15.02.20
VIP Session Deluxe: Ed Rush08.02.20
Swiss Therapy Sessions: Robyn Chaos (Therapy History Set!)11.01.20
VIP Session Deluxe: 1985 Label Night Alix Perez & Monty21.12.19
VIP Session Deluxe: Dillinja & DJ Storm16.11.19
Living Room Session: Lenzman & Riya LIVE02.11.19
VIP Session Deluxe: Jubei & Logistics27.09.19
VIP Session Deluxe: Spectrasoul, Skeptical and DJ Trace17.05.19
Swiss Therapy Sessions: Limewax & Ich und seine Freunde13.04.19
VIP Session Deluxe: Pola&Bryson & DBridge05.04.19
Schanze Drum and Bass: 'nade & Hellchild & Semtex22.03.19
Golden Age of Rap08.02.19
VIP Session Deluxe: Makoto & Seba & MC Conrad01.02.19
VIP Club Hardware: Ed Rush & Optical11.01.19
VIP Session Deluxe: LTJ Bukem & Remarc08.12.18
VIP Session Deluxe: DJ Lee & Technimatic09.11.18
Return to the Bassline: Etherwood03.11.18
Royal Baden: Moonshaped (EP Release) & DJ Zgroove01.11.18
Living Room Session: Need for Mirrors19.10.18
VIP Session Deluxe: BCee and Ed:it21.09.18
Street Parade: JUR Offical Love Mobile 201810.08.18
Plattenbörse: Make the Hood look good Festival 201801.06.18
VIP Session Deluxe: Lenzman & Bailey18.05.18
Living Room Session: Ed:it12.04.18
VIP Session Deluxe: Adam F & Klute09.03.18
VIP Session Deluxe: Robyn Chaos & DJ Storm19.01.18
VIP Club Hardware: Audio & Ed Rush12.01.18
VIP Session Deluxe: S.P.Y & Etherwood08.12.17
VIP Session Deluxe: Alix Perez20.10.17
Street Parade: JUR Offical Love Mobile 201711.08.17
VIP Session Deluxe: Ed Rush19.05.17
VIP Session Deluxe: Dom&Roland & Dillinja 21.04.17
Swiss Therapy Sessions: DJ Hidden & Fragz07.04.17
VIP Session Deluxe: LTJ Bukem & Doc Scott17.02.17
Prspct Label Night: Bong-Ra & Thrasher27.01.17
VIP Session Deluxe: Fierce & Nicky Blackmarket08.12.16
Swiss Therapy Sessions: Panacea & Limewax as Goldberg Variations25.11.16
VIP Session Deluxe: DJ Storm13.10.16
VIP Club Hardware: The Upbeats29.09.16
VIP Session Deluxe: Commix & Seba16.09.16
VIP Session Deluxe: Ed Rush13.05.16
Swiss Therapy Sessions: Counterstrike & Katharsys & Wadjit15.04.16
VIP Club Hardware: Gridlok11.03.16
Return to the Bassline: Randall19.02.16
VIP Session Deluxe: Etherwood21.01.16
VIP Session Deluxe: LTJ Bukem04.12.15
Swiss Therapy Sessions: Hallucinator & Raiden27.11.15
VIP Session Deluxe: John B24.09.15
Semtex & Z-Groove B-Day Bash15.05.15